CryptoUniverse calls partners to join sending personal protective equipment around the globe

It’s impossible to instantly supply a whole country with all the necessities. This is becoming increasingly critical away from big cities. We decided that each of us can do something in his power. That’s why CryptoUniverse has provided personal protective equipment to its employees and their families and is now helping others.

CryptoUniverse manages the data center in Kirishi (Leningrad Oblast, Russia) and is constructing a data center in Nadvoitsy (The Republic of Karelia, Russia) at the premises of the former aluminum plant. This is where our aid was dispatched. We’ve purchased and sent a package of FFP2 respirators, disposable masks, and protective suits to citizens of Kirishi, Petrozavodsk, Segezha, and Nadvoitsy. The first batch is already delivered to Petrozavodsk and is transferred to the Petrozavodsk volunteer centre with the help of the local Ministry of Economic Development and Industry.

Everyone sees how pandemic is spreading all over the world. That is the main point of our call to partners. Join our endeavor with any resources you may put in: protective equipment, your employees’ assistance, finances or info resources. Only our common unity and mutual aid can help to get this disaster over. Let’s help each other!