December 31, 2019

Software development

Cryptouniverse group functions for more than 2 years. We grew from just a startup to a large IT brand. Our main aim and passion is to develop software and websites.

We have a lot experience in creating projects of any complexity: from small software to complex architecture solutions for management and control of different sides of big businesses. Our company today is a big team of high-level specialists who plan, develop, test and integrate software.

Modern approach to work and necessary skills allow us to create any blockchain and big data products such are data centers, distribution systems, analysis tools and big data processing solutions.

Our projects:

  • Exclusive Cryptouniverse data centers control software

Any company should use reliable control systems to run large data centers and mining hotels. There were no appropriate one for us, so we made it ourselves from scratch. It allows us to minimize downtime to 1% at the highest, monitor all hardware elements and easily scale amount of equipment if needed.

Originally it was created for our data center in Kirishi that was built in the beginning of 2018, and now it’s also utilized in our new mining hotel in The Republic of Karelia, Nadvoitsy.

Learn more about our data centers:


  • Screenify (prev. AAIM).

    Computer aided brest cancer detection service powered by machine learning technologies. This project boosts oncologists’ effectiveness of work and speeds up images processing time. Right now total average correct recognition rate is 80.89%. This rate is calculated for samples with all types of severity of the disease. Meanwhile, correct recognition rate for samples with high suspicion of malignancy is 100%, for samples with suspicious abnormality it is 93%. Our current plans are collecting more samples and raw data and increase total average correct recognition rate to 95%.

    Learn more:

    (AAIM) Screenify ENG small.pdf

  • UMMA messenger.

    Muslim-oriented communication platform designed to keep muslims all over the globe united, to help them spread and share the ideas and principles. There are more than 22.7% of muslims on the Earth now, and they all need to keep in touch using a modern convenient tool for it. Beside classic messenger functions Umma offers: religious content, prayer schedule, money transfer, cryptocurrency exchange and end-to-end encryption.

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